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 At R & S Waste Disposal we have an idea that is better than self storage. We bring the storage container to you! Your time is valuable and no one knows how to store or move your belongings better than you. Pack at your own pace and only do it once. No more need to rent a truck or make multiple car trips to a storage unit. That is why Ready Storage is the correct choice from the start. Just tell us when to bring the Ready Storage container to your location and then you take over from there.


  • Instant onsite storage without the expense of a building
  • Secure locking box
  • Ground level access 
  • Wind and water tight 
  • Hardwood floors
  • Units can be rented for as little as one month or longer term
  • Dimensions 7 x 19 x 7.5


Why rent a Ready Storage container?

Use it to store construction tools and materials. Whether your needs are temporary or permanent, small or large we will provide clean ready to use space for your tools, building, plumbing or electrical supplies. Safeguard your expensive tools from theft and vandalism without having to haul them back to the worksite each day.

Use it for de-cluttering a home while preparing for sale. Storage containers are a great solution to remove unwanted or unneeded items from your home to allow people to see your home--not what’s in it. This allows your home to show well and hopefully sell faster!

Use it during remodeling and construction. Remodeling and construction is a dirty messy job. You want to protect your furniture and possessions from dirt or possible damage. Store these items in a Ready Storage container and know that your belongings are safe and secure and conveniently located on your own property. 

Use it for Business storage. Ready Storage is an ideal solution for a variety of business storage needs. Pack the container with excess inventory, seasonal items or special event materials.

How to load your Ready Storage containers

Below are some tips to keep in mind as you load your Ready Storage containers in order to protect your belongings while also making the most of the space in each container.

  • Be sure to record which items go in each container and its general location within the container. This will allow you to find an item easily, should you need to access your goods while in storage. All boxes should be labeled on several sides for easy locating. 
  • Always load the heaviest items first. Place dressers, large china cabinets, sofas, refrigerators, and other heavy appliances on the floor of the Ready Storage container. Use protective covers on sofas and mattresses. Then load chairs, tables, bookcases, and light items and boxes around the larger, heavy items. 
  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors slightly ajar and clean before storing. Don't forget to use the space inside these appliances for extra storage. 
  • Load each Ready Storage container a quarter at a time, packing it tightly from floor to ceiling. 
  • Store couches on end to maximize space. 
  • Pack mirrors and pictures in mirror boxes and store upright to avoid being crushed or broken. 
  • Stack lighter boxes on top of bigger, heavier ones. 
  • Disassemble tables and shelves and store on their sides, using furniture pads to protect from damage during transit. Keep all hardware in a plastic bag and securely tape the bag to the furniture, so you have it all together when you are ready to re-assemble. 
  • If you are renting and storing more than one Ready Storage container, store items you'll need most often in one particular container, again keeping a detailed inventory of each container, so you can find specific goods easily. 
  • Lock each Ready Storage container with the supplied padlock and keep the key in a safe location, where you will easily be able to find it. 

How to pack your belongings

The most important element in packing is organization. Make sure you have the essential packing supplies: sturdy boxes and cartons, packing paper (unprinted newsprint) to wrap your belongings, heavy-duty tape, scissors, felt-tip markers to number and label each box. 

  • Use clean boxes designed for moving. Grocery or liquor store boxes are not always clean and may not withstand the weight of the items you will be putting in them. Also, their odd sizes tend to make loading more difficult. 
  • Use only unprinted newsprint paper to wrap items. Regular newspaper ink can rub off and ruin your possessions. 
  • Pack on a room-by-room basis and do one area of the room at a time. It is best not to mix items from different rooms in one box. To prevent small items from being lost or mistakenly thrown out with the packing paper, wrap small items in brightly-colored tissue paper before placing them in the box. 
  • Small boxes should be used for small, heavy items such as books, records, canned goods, and small appliances. Medium general purpose boxes can hold pots and pans, other kitchen utensils, toys, and other items of medium size and weight. Large and X-Large general purpose boxes are good for large but lightweight items such as bedding, stuffed toys, pillows, wicker baskets and silk plants. 
  • Assemble boxes and tape all seams securely with sturdy packing tape. 
  • Put crumpled packing paper in the bottom of each carton before loading contents, as well as a layer on top of your goods before sealing the box. Fill boxes completely, stuffing open areas with packing paper, to prevent collapsing when stacked. 
  • Wrap all items in unprinted newsprint or tissue before placing into the box to reduce any chance of being damaged. 
  • Put large and heavy items in boxes first, followed by smaller and lighter items that can be used as filler. 
  • For furniture and lamps that must be dismantled, put the hardware in a plastic bag, and tape the bag directly to the piece of furniture. That way, you'll know what goes with what. Even better, take a picture of what you are about to take apart, so you can put it back together at the end of your move. 
  • Securely tape the top seams of the box to keep out dust and other debris. 
  • Clearly label each box (on sides and top) with a general description of contents, as well as to which room the box should go.
  • Mark boxes with breakable items as "FRAGILE". Pack breakables over the box you're putting them in. This way, if you happen to drop an item, it will land on some packing material, therefore reducing the chance that it will break. 
  • Never pack hazardous materials including flammables such as paint, varnish, and thinners; gasoline; kerosene and oil; bottled gas; aerosol cans; nail polish and remover; ammunition and explosives; corrosives; and cleaning fluids and detergents. 
  • Drain fuel from mowers and other machinery, and discard partly used cans of oil, paint, thinner, or other substances that might leak. 
  • Third-party servicing will likely be needed before moving such items as hot tubs, large-screen TV's, and some exercise equipment. Check your owner's manuals for CD/DVD players, computers etc. for steps to take to protect items from damage during transit.

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