Recycling Program Guide

It is very important that all recyclables be packaged correctly and placed into the appropriate bin. Just follow these easy guidelines.

Glass Jars & Bottles

All food and beverage jars and bottles (including all colors of glass)

Examples; soft drink, juice, beer, wine bottles, spaghetti sauce jars, baby food

Food and beverage containers ONLY!
Empty and rinse well ALL jars and bottles
Throw away the lids - lables do no need to be removed

NO mirrors, window glass, drinking glasses, plates, pottery, ceramics or light bulbs. THESE ITEMS ARE NOT RECYCLABLE!

Aluminum & Tin

All aluminum and tin food and beverage cans

Examples; soft dirnk, beer & juice cans, tuna, vegetable and fruit cans, Aluminum pie plates, foil TV dinner trays, clean balled foil wrap.

Empty and rinse ALL items well
Lables are okay
Throw away the lids and flatten large tine and aluminum items

NO metal pots & pans, kitchen appliances, toasters furniture, furance filters, or aluminum siding. THESE ITEMS ARE NOT RECYCLABLE!


Only clear and colored plastics with (1) or (2) recycling symbol 

Examples; Milk jugs, soft drinks and juice bottles, detergent & bleach bottles

Empty and rinse ALL items well
Flatten all milk jugs and detergent bottles
The plastic numbers can usually be found on the bottom of containers

NO plastic food container with a number 3 through 7. Absolutely NO Plastic bags, Styrofoam products, toys, flower pots, waste baskets, laundry baskets, or Tupperware. THESE ITEMS ARE NOT RECYCLABLE!

Newspaper Office paper Magazines Catalogs & Junk Mail

Newspapers (including all incerts) phone books, magazines, catalogs, office paper and junk mail (including window envelopes)

Place paper items into paper or plastic grocery sacks
Shredded paper is good
Staples are okay

NO hardcover books unless the covers have been removed. Wax paper, tissue paper or wood products. THESE ITEMS ARE NOT RECYCLABLE!

Cardboard & Box board

Cardboard & box board MUST BE BROKEN DOWN & FLATTENED!

Corrugated cardboard boxes - the type of cardboard with two layers of paper surrounding an inner layer of fluted/ wavy paper. Examples: brown shipping boxes. Boxes that groceries are shipped in.

Box board - Examples are the type of card board found in cereal boxes, shoe boxes, twelve pack soda & beer boxes

NO waxy milk cartoons, no grease soaked boxes such as pizza boxes. The liners in cereal & other food boxes or the tissue paper in shoe boxes must be taken out and thrown away in the trash. THESE ITEMS ARE NOT RECYCLABLE!

Textiles & Clothing

Clean dry and wearable clothing is recyclable
Do Not remove buttons or zippers
Place in bags and put in with the newspapers, magazines & paper

NO dirty textiles and clothing. NO carpet, rugs, shoes, belts or purses.


Now that you know what is recyclable here is how to package your items.

1) place clean jars and bottles, aluminum products, tin cans, and plastic jugs (called commingled items) into the appropriate compartment.

2) Place paper products, and textiles go into the compartment marked paper.

3) Corrugated cardboard and box board are put into the compartment marked cardboard. CARDBOARD AND BOX BOARD MUST BE BROKEN DOWN AND FLATTENED!

4) All compartments are clearly marked on the recycling roll off box. Please read and follow the signs. Kindly throw your items to the back to allow space for others and to assure full capacity of the container. Unsure about an item? Call 712-748-3471 for more information!

Make your effort count - recycle the right way!